Thursday at OCA Connects 2020

Schedule Overview

8:00 AM Continental Breakfast
9:15 AM Workshop #1
10:30 AM Workshop #2
11:30 AM Brunch
1:00 PM Exhibit Hall
5:30 PM
6:00 PM
Shuttles begin for Big Night Out
6:30 PM
Big Night Out in Support of Amici Camping Charity and Kids in Camp (KIC), Dinner at Venue
9:30 PM

Workshop #1
9:15-10:15 AM

Presenter Room Title Session Description
Jim Cain Butternut/Holly Teambuilding with Index Cards Teambuilding Guru Dr. Jim Cain shares activities from his latest book. You’ll be amazed how many things you can do with just index cards!
Panel Disscussion with
  • Rob Crew, OCA Special Projects and Outreach Coordinator
  • Nancy Brown, FCA Insurance Brokers
  • Philip Perlmutter, Lawyer
Evergreen What We Learned from the Summer of 2019 Each summer the OCA 24/7 Hotline receives calls from camps looking for advice. While the Hotline does not provide medical or legal advice, its purpose is to help camps talk through their problem/issue/question and consider options for next steps. Callers can also be provided with resources, strategies that have been successful in other camps experiencing similar issues, and sometimes simply be there to provide a "listening ear" and support. We can learn from the issues that came in during summer 2019  to prepare for summer 2020.
Sue Abuelsamid Maple The Curiosity Project Relationships are everything. This interactive session will explore the role of curiosity in building connection, trust, and relationships as well as promoting inclusion and diversity. You will walk away with a better understanding of implicit bias and an expanded capacity to hear what is being said, to use your intuition, and to ask good questions which all lead to deeper connection. Your interactions with your staff, colleagues, campers, and families will be forever changed. Curious? Come and play.
Emma Fogel Orchid Riding the Waves of Worry: Understanding Mental Health Literacy & Promoting Well-Being at Camp (and in life) Emma’s presentation, Riding the Waves of Worry: Understanding Mental Health Literacy, is a psychoeducational training on effectively managing stress. Emma’s intention is to promote the usage of accurate and appropriate language when exploring the area of youth mental health. Her presentation is accompanied by evidence-based resources and stress management strategies.  Emma aims to support children, adolescents and families in the camp sector through education to increase resilience and overall wellbeing.
Diana Bloom Primrose Got a Minute? Keys to Staying Focused Despite the Circumstances Do you end the day feeling like you didn’t get anything done? Do you have a series of half-finished tasks? This session will teach participants the tips and tools they need to achieve higher productivity and efficiency in all areas of their camp work. Diana will provide strategies to start and stay focused, effectively plan your day, control your interruptions, limit surprises, manage your email and phone time, drive your day so it doesn’t drive you, and work productively, with less stress. Find out how to achieve your vision, despite your circumstance.
Jasmine Green and Diana Wilson Violet Camps in a Conservation Context In this talk we explore the role of Conservation Authorities in summer camp programming. How do we find a continuous line from our mandate to provide conservation education to the goals of self-discovery and personal growth in summer camps? We’ll trace the connections between environmental education and the lifelong environmental action that immersive summer camp experiences can inspire. Discover outdoor education and camping in the context of Conservation Authorities and the vital role camps play in inspiring generations of environmentalists.

Workshop #2
10:30-11:30 AM

Presenter Room Title Session Description
Jim Cain Butternut/Holly Becoming A Better Facilitator Dr. Jim Cain shares 40 tips for becoming a better facilitator
Cathy Crawford Evergreen Light Table Magic Demonstrate and walk through the Light Table Magic programs.
Jacob Rodenburg Maple Hands on Nature Activities Jacob will offer up examples of fun, hands-on strategies for reconnecting children to nature.  Learn to speak chickadee, dance like bees, stalk like a fox sing like frogs and learn simple ideas on how to explore in nature with campers of all ages. Jacob will draw on activities found in his award winning book co-authored with Drew Monkman called “The Big Book of Nature Activities.”
Ken Piercey Orchid Tripping First Aid: Kits and Training Injuries on trip happen, and when you are far out there you don't have the same staff and gear you had at camp. Our session will discuss common injuries and treatments for tripping and go over specialty first aid gear and packing to best prepare your staff for a safe trip.
Kevin Cyr and Carrie Percival Primrose Bully Proof your Camp Environment Brave works with educators across Canada, providing in the moment communication skills.  Session items: 1) Identify bullying, conflict, and the difference in between. Discussion done in groups of 3-4 with chart paper and markers. Facilitator debriefs conversation, tying in group work into curriculum points: The 3 characteristics of bullying.  2) Apply knowledge through diagnosing common camp situations in same groups. Participants discuss if this scenario is bullying or conflict and why. Followed by cross discussion and debate.  3) Learn assertive communication techniques. Participants will pair up, and role play conflict, understanding how eye contact, body language, and tone of voice can help campers set boundaries with their friends.  4) Participants will leave with a handout covering the skills they learned.
Thomas Appleyard Violet What Page are We On? When emergencies won't follow your emergency plan Emergencies at camp have a nasty habit of refusing to follow our emergency plans. What does this mean for your camp’s emergency plan and general emergency readiness? In this session, management consultant Thomas Appleyard shares critical and paradoxical insights on how to prepare your camp and camp staff for what you don’t know is going to happen.